Your guide to organize and scale your impact

We use our financial expertise to help you maximize your impact.


We help you define your vision and develop a concrete plan for implementation via:

  1. SWOT Analysis
  2. Short, Medium and Long Term Planning
  3. Strategic Initiatives
  1. Feasibility analysis
  2. Implementation Prioritization and Planning
  3. Defining and tracking key indicators

CFO as a Service

Optimize your finances to catalyze your growth. We work together on:

Growth Planning
Financial Modelling
Designing the finance function and preparing to scale
Capital Raise

Cash Flow Management
Optimizing for Profitability
Analysis of Unit Economics
Financial Statement Analysis
KPI Definition and Monitoring

Investor Relations
Regular Reporting
Support for Board Meetings

Advising C-Suite
Training and Capacity Building for Finance Function
Support Building and Selection of Finance Team

Capital Advisory

We prepare, connect, and accompany social and environmental entrepreneurs on their way to raise capital with optimal investment terms. We will support you with: 

We support you in defining where you want to take your business and what you need to achieve your vision

We develop a professional and comprehensive financial model for your business in the language that investors understand.

We strengthen your negotiation and financial skills.

We work together to find the right investors for your business

We negotiate key clauses and obtain optimal terms for your business.


We evaluate your company's business model, growth stage and current financial situation, both so you know where you're at and so we know how we can best support you.

Business model
Preparation for Investment
Data Quality
Relationships with Stakeholders

Financial Infrastructure
Strategic Planning
Performance Management
Relationships with Stakeholders


Básicos de México

Thanks to our experience with Kaya, we were able to develop our financial model and define a strategy to raise capital.


Kaya accompanies you in critical processes, such as negotiations, financial modeling, sensitivity analyses and key conversations with potential investors. They have been important actors for the an investment close we just reached.


Kaya provided us with innovative and intelligent advice, which allowed us to successfully raise capital with three investors in just twelve months.


The Outsoured CFO service was very valuable for us, not only because of the results (much more solid planning and financial structure), but also because of the strategic co-creation process.


Kaya demonstrates a high level of professionalism and knowledge, as well as a close working relationship. Without a doubt their recommendations have helped us to grow as a company to impact the financial health of millions of people.

Solidarity (Agroma)

We appreciate the dedication of the team to develop an in-depth understanding of our business to develop tools adapted to our current setting and stage of growth. I trust in their advice and would recommend their services to any social company.


I recommend Kaya's services because they allowed us to instantly build a strong financial function and with this, advance our goals to complement our operations.


Kaya's great professional quality is greatly reinforced by the warmth of their personal treatment. Anne Rambaud, partner at Kaya Impacto and our interim CFO, has practically become part of our team due to her closeness, commitment and constant concern on a daily basis.


I highly recommend them, the team is highly professional and understand the social sector, which helps to provide personalized services for the client's needs; I congratulate them and I highly recommend them.

Our Clients

We strengthen the ecosystem of impact investing to catalyze capital and ensure that entrepreneurs can access it.


We provide our financial and strategic expertise to environmental and social entrepreneurs so they can structure and scale their impact.