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It's normal to have doubts about the different processes, so we share some resources which can help you begin to define your goals. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Financiamiento a la medida para el sector de impacto social: Metodología Triple D

Descubre como innovamos en la manera de financiar emprendimientos de impacto.

En colaboración con Fondo Nimbus durante 2022 tuvimos nuestro primer caso de éxito; demostramos que es posible invertir de manera sostenible adaptando los instrumentos financieros a cada una de las empresas a traves de Tailor-Made Financing con la Metodología Triple D.

Guide to Financial management for social and environmental entrepreneurs during Covid

What measures can socio-environmental impact companies adopt amidst COVID-19 to mitigate their financial risks? Tips, resources and useful materials .

Impact investing: practical Improvements for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

An overview of legal options to create a business in Mexico, explaining the terms of governance and the differences between the various legal structures, as well as the implications of raising impact capital, the different investment instruments and the key economic terms for each.

Engage with Impact: Funding opportunities for entrepreneurs during COVID-19

Together with Mercado Libre and Majma LATAM, we support entrepreneurs by bringing them current information in the context of COVID-19 on funding initiatives and economic benefits in Mexico.

Conversations with Investors: Future perspectives on Impact Investment

In collaboration with Agora Partnerships, Pomona Impact, Promotora Social Mexico, Angel Ventures and NESst, we give tips and advice to social entrepreneurs in this period of crisis of COVID-19

Financial resilience for small and medium-sized enterprises

In this webinar, organized in conjunction with Sistema B and Cumplo, we provide recommendations to manage your cash flow during the crisis, how to perform "stress test" scenarios, strategies to re-prioritize expenses, and options to improve your cash flow with accounts receivable and accounts payable terms.

Conversaciones con Inversionistas: Perspectivas a futuro de la inversión de Impacto

In collaboration with Agora Partnerships, Pomona Impact, Promotora Social Mexico, Angel Ventures and NESst, we give tips and advice to social entrepreneurs in this period of crisis of COVID-19

Contract implications during COVID-19

With our guest, lawyer Elena Espinosa Lugo of Ilexlu, we discuss the legal implications of the COVID-19 for your company, the obligations and rights that the company has to respect towards their employees, what are the levers that exist to collect on their customers, as well as the possibilities of negotiating with suppliers.

Impact investing in LATAM: Perspectives and advice for social and environmental entrepreneurs

In collaboration with Ashoka, this webinar explores new scenarios and opportunities emerging from the crisis caused by the pandemic.

Recursos Adicionales

¿Te gustaría conocer un poco más de lo que hablamos y de lo que hemos hecho? Te compartimos algunos materiales, esperamos que los disfrutes y te sean útiles.


We provide our financial and strategic expertise to environmental and social entrepreneurs so they can structure and scale their impact.

Delia Dorninger


Delia has experience in strategic consulting in NGOs and as a volunteer in social projects within the areas of immigration and early childhood education. Before joining Kaya, Delia did various internships in different organizations and countries, among others at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, the Austrian Embassy in Mexico and the Austrian Trade Commission in Argentina.

Fun fact: Me encanta pasar un día soleado en las montañas, esquiar, y la comida austríaca.

Xochitl Morales Castillo

Senior Analyst - MEXICO CITY

Xóchitl has more than 4 years of experience in strategic consulting. Prior to joining Kaya, she worked at a leading tax consulting firm, where she participated with multidisciplinary teams in the development and implementation of strategies for companies in different sectors and provided support to civil society organizations for their regularization and compliance with tax obligations.

Fun fact: Dancing and ecotourism is what I enjoy doing the most. I love learning new things.

Diego Navarro Zayas

Senior Analyst - MEXICO CITY

Diego has more than 3 years of experience in consulting and in the financial industry. Prior to joining Kaya, she worked in a boutique firm specializing in tax consulting and fitch mexican HR Ratings, where he participated in the analysis of structures of debt for infrastructure projects in Mexico. She currently works as a volunteer at the Foundation We are Water.

Fun fact: I love playing soccer and sports in general. I like to meet people and learn from them. My favorite trips are the ones to the beach.

Estefanía Arenas

Senior Associate - Bogota

Estefania has more than 5 years of experience in the entrepreneurship and startup industry in Latin America. Before joining Kaya, she worked at Endeavor Colombia leading the Fintech and Finance vertical supporting entrepreneurs in strategy, international expansion and capital raising. After Endeavor she worked at Zinobe, a fintech company that provides financing to the unbanked population in Colombia and Mexico.

Fun fact: Favorite plan: drinks with friends; if it's on the beach, even better.

Thomas Samuel

Manager - MADRID

Thomas has over 6 years of experience in investment banking and development of impact startups. Prior to joining Kaya, Thomas worked at Gawa Capital covering the Ag.Tech. and microfinance sectors in LatAm and Africa. Previously, Thomas executed 200+ local and international debt and equity capital markets transactions at PUENTE, spanning across Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Additionally, he has led and developed Wabi Project (A Coca-Cola Company) in Mexico, expanding its operations to six cities, and has also provided financial and strategic consulting services to impact startups in the US, Guatemala, and Spain.

Fun Fact: Spicy food enthusiast

Rodrigo Anguiano


Rodrigo cuenta con más de 5 años de experiencia en los sectores de Private Equity, M&A y Venture Capital. Antes de unirse a Kaya, trabajó como Asociado en BlackRock en el fondo de Private Equity de Infraestructura para LATAM, apoyando en transacciones al Global Renewable Power Fund basado en Nueva York, donde participó en transacciones para la adquisición de 20+ plantas de energía en Chile, así como en procesos de financiamiento y asset management en activos en Chile y Colombia. De igual manera, trabajó en el equipo de M&A de Grupo Bal, y realizó internships en Dalus Capital y Fintra.

Fun Fact: I love playing guitar, hiking, skiing and tacos al pastor.

Kyle Grabowski

Director - Mexico City

Kyle has more than 6 years of experience in financial and strategy consulting. At Kaya, he focuses on supporting entrepreneurs via the Capital Raise and CFO services, though he has also provided financial advisory to funds, NGOs and accelerators. Before joining Kaya, he worked at Accenture in Los Angeles, focusing on strategy, finance, and analytics challenges in the public and private sectors. 

Fun fact: Alcancé la cima del volcán activo más alto del mundo - Cotopaxi, en Ecuador, con una altitud de 5,897 metros.

Joana Videgain


Joana oversees people operations and investor relations at Kaya. Since 2012, Joana has worked in innovative entrepreneurship ecosystems in Mexico, the United States and Spain. First as an impact accelerator consultant at Agora Partnerships, she provided business and finance consulting for impact entrepreneurs; then as a director at the French Chamber of Commerce in Houston, Texas, she designed and executed initiatives to build business communities. Since 2018, she has been based in Bilbao, Spain, where she has been supporting seed entrepreneurs in building their business with people and financial strategies to grow their impact.

Fun fact: I'm addicted to chocolate, stories of the people around me and the mountains.

Anne Rambaud


Anne has more than 9 years of experience in Financial and Strategic Consulting. She served at Kaya as the CFO of 5 social enterprises and is now in charge of developing the business in Spain. Prior to joining Kaya, Anne worked at Agora Partnerships where she directly advised socio-environmental entrepreneurs on strategy and finance to prepare them to successfully raise capital. Previously, she was a Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions Manager at Deloitte. She also worked as a consultant in Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). She co-founded two socio-environmental consulting organizations in France and Mexico in partnership with Ashoka, McKinsey and PwC. 

Fun fact: Passionate about cats, she always talks about her kitty Frida

Antoine Cocle

CEO & Fundador - Madrid

Antoine tiene más de 14 años de experiencia en finanzas y emprendimiento social. Trabajó en el sector de inversión de impacto mexicano, dirigiendo la aceleradora de Agora Partnerships y desarrollando una tesis de inversión de impacto para un fondo de capital semilla. Fue docente del curso de finanzas aplicadas para el “Green MBA” en la universidad del Medio-Ambiente en México y co-autor de un “Estudio sobre Termsheets - Estudio de casos de 30 Termsheets reales y buenas prácticas”. De manera previa, Antoine ha ocupado varios cargos en el sector financiero, en AXA y J.P. Morgan. 

Fun fact: Le encantan los juegos de mesa, que sean Risk, Catán, Wingspan, Twilight Imperium, the Mind, Scythe, 7 Wonders, Dominion o No Thanks...