What are we looking for at Kaya?

We are looking for empathetic people with a growth mindset and a passion for impact who want to make the world a better place. At Kaya, we value soft skills as much as hard skills. We are a multicultural team, always looking for new talent.

Our Values

Passion for Impact

Our passion for impact is reflected in the energy we put into our relationships and our work


Data-driven problem solving
Technical Expertise
Keep larger goals in mind
Deliver results on time and exceed expectations

Empathetic Collaboration

Listening, flexibility, team building, helping others. Seeking and offering help and working collaboratively

Continuous Improvement

Intellectual curiosity; looking for feedback; humility and constant learning


Trustworthiness, honesty and responsibility

Our Openings

Senior Associate


Mexico City (remote)

Job Description

Deadline: 03/10/2022

Managing Director Latam

Mexico City or Bogota (for outstanding candidates)

Job Description

Deadline: Ending

Recruiting Process


We review all applications according to a series of criteria.

Culture Interview

We invite candidates to an initial interview to assess cultural fit

Technical Interview

We test the technical skills of the candidates.

Case Interview

We test your problem solving skills with a real business case.


We evaluate your professional references.


We send an offer to the best-fit candidate.


to the Kaya team!

Spontaneous Candidacy

If you do not see an opening that matches your qualifications and skills, you can submit an unsolicited application.


We use our financial expertise to help you maximize your impact.


Partner and EMEA Managing Director

Today there are socio-environmental challenges such as climate change for which we cannot wait. I am convinced that socio-environmental entrepreneurship is the solution to these challenges. I love that my job consists precisely in supporting these superheroes and being surrounded by inspiring people. If you love people, social entrepreneurship and generating impact, Kaya is definitely your place!


Chief People Officer

What I like most about Kaya are the people. This is the first time in my life that I see such a talented group, dedicated to its customers and with a lot of ambition to create positive impact through their work and attitude. Every day I wake up thinking that I am really lucky to surround myself – albeit virtually – with such a wonderful team and with clients who want to do their bit for the world.


Senior Analyst

What I like most about Kaya is knowing that my work has a direct impact on society and the world. I have no doubt that in the (not too distant) future, all companies and people will have to consider their impact and work for a more environmentally friendly and equitable world. At Kaya I have had the opportunity to work with inspiring socio-environmental entrepreneurs, and in a dynamic and multicultural team where we learn from each other and contribute to each other's growth.


We provide our financial and strategic expertise to environmental and social entrepreneurs so they can structure and scale their impact.